Round Bamboo Glass Jars

Round Bamboo Glass Jars

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These round clear glass jars with airtight bamboo lids are perfect for a functional and beautifully organized pantry. This selection DOES NOT come WITH labels yet. You may order custom labels seperately on our shop.


You can use this modern bamboo glass jar to store dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, coffee, spices, seeds, grains, cookies, cereal, snacks, storing tea and more. You can also use it to store bathroom essentials, or even arts and crafts supplies.


Comes in 4 sizes with dimensions (diameter x height) below:

200ml - 6.5 x8 cm (perfect for herbs and spices)

450ml - 8.5 x 10 cm (perfect for pantry essentials, cotton pads and tips)

1000ml - 10 x 15 cm (perfect for baking ingredients)

2000ml - 10 x 30 cm (perfect for spaghetti and fettucini pasta)


Please read product specifications section for more information.

  • Jars are made of food grade, high quality borosilicate heat resistant glass with airtight food-grade silicone bamboo lid. Jars are dishwasher and microwave safe (without vinyl labels).
  • While the jars have airtight lids, they are not vacuum-sealed. Proper food storage still has to be observed. Recommended for dry goods storage.
  • Appearance of bamboo lids may differ as they are made of bamboo which is a natural wood. Handwash lid only and dry thoroughly before reusing.They shouldn't be left wet for a long period of time. 
  • Make sure to wash jars with dishwashing soap and air dry before use and applying labels.
  • We inspect all jars for any visible damage before shipping out. All jars are boxed individually and wrapped in protective wrappers. We are not liable for any damange during transit.