Welcome to our Site!

Finally! Welcome to our official website!

This is Angela, co-owner of Label Me Yours. It has been a year of learning, hard work, challenges, and gratefulness. As we launch this special milestone, let me take you on how we started and our journey towards helping more people create a home that is functional, beautiful and personal.

Who We Are

We're two friends who both studied and pursued IT. Being friends for a long time, our conversation turns towards what we would do outside of our career, where we can both pursue our passions, small happiness, and still earn some money. That's how we got to thinking about putting up our own business. We weren't looking for a big time money-making machine, really just something we can pour our hearts to, feel satisfied with, and, funnily enough, something outside of IT or at the very least will not involve the hectic lifestyle we had as IT practitioners.

How It Started

When my co-owner, Bebs introduced the idea of a labeling online shop last 2018, I was intrigued. Her keen interest in organisation and of course the wonderful concept that is Konmari have pieced everything together. It was in the late months when we decided to push through. We started with acquiring the needed equipment, gathered references, and set targets but something was missing. What is home organisation without containers? We had limited funds so we couldn’t really put out everything we wanted but pantry jars was something we both liked. With excitement and fear, we launched our online shop on April 1st of 2019.

It began with a Facebook page and an Instagram account. Family members and friends would avail of our products until word of mouth grew. With no marketing background and neither of us knew exactly how to advertise, we resorted to books, workshops and bench marking competitors. We participated in giveaways and sponsorship deals, accepting that we may have some financial setbacks depending on how the rest of the year would go. I believe that one of the things that greatly worked for us is that we have agreed to keep the prices fair and products desirable by always asking: "Is this something we would buy?".

What's Next

We know we still have a long way to go but we’re truly happy with what we’ve achieved so far. We’ve become better at what we do, gained a tribe of loyal clients, and best of all, we are fulfilled. Although we’ve been taking baby steps, we knew it was time to take our little shop to a new level.

We have recently introduced new products and are coming up with a few more. Our goal is to eventually be able to provide a variety of labels and home products that will help keep homes neat and organised while still displaying our clients’ unique personalities. We have finally taken the next step of setting up this site for ease of reference and our customers’ convenience.

We couldn’t be more grateful to all the people who trusted us, supported and cheered for us. We hope you all love this site as much as we do because this site is dedicated to all of you.

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